Amanda Newman

Amanda Newman joined the Economic Opportunities Program as a Research Associate for the Workforce Strategies Initiative in June 2016. At the Institute, Amanda works on a range of research and evaluation projects, which include the evaluation of the Human Capital Innovation Fund’s workforce development initiative and research on the Generation Work initiative to connect young adults to employment. In this role Amanda designs research tools, conducts site visits, and documents findings in reports.

Amanda has a background in education policy and research and has worked in nonprofit, charter, and public organizations.  Before joining the Institute, Amanda was a research analyst at DC Public Schools, and prior to that worked in the Boston Public Schools Office of Engagement, where she led a participatory research project examining patterns of disengagement among high school students. She’s also worked for the Center for Education Policy Research and is a Teach for America alum, having taught 7th grade Literature and remedial reading in Bridgeport, Connecticut. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Wesleyan University and a Master’s in Education Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In addition to work, Amanda enjoys traveling, hiking, swimming, and yoga.

Authored by Amanda