David L. Marcus

David L. Marcus

Senior Editorial Manager, College Excellence Program

David L. Marcus, senior editorial manager for the College Excellence Program, has been a journalist, a teacher, and a communications consultant.

David covered education and immigration as a reporter for the Miami Herald, Boston Globe, Newsday, and U.S. News magazine. As a foreign correspondent for the Dallas Morning News, he was based in Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil. He shared the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting for a series about violence against women.

David wrote a book about struggling teens, What It Takes to Pull Me Through (Houghton Mifflin), as well as a book about college admissions, Acceptance (Penguin Books).

Before joining Aspen, he was a high school teacher and an adjunct professor. He volunteers as a board member of Career Day Inc., which introduces young adults to professions.

An honors graduate of Brown University, David was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard. He studied Spanish at a community college in Florida.