Margot L. Pritzker

Margot L. Pritzker

Aspen Institute Trustee, President and Founder,

Margot Pritzker is the Co-Founder and Executive Chair of the Community Food Navigator, an active and collaborative hub for knowledge and resource sharing by and in support of community led food systems.

Margot furthers initiatives to impact food system work through various projects. Pritzker is a member of The Chicago Food Equity Council and an active participant in the Chicago Region Food System Fund.

As Chair of the Aspen Institute Leadership Committee, Margot has attended Aspen Institute fellowship programs and seminars in India, South Africa, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama and throughout North America. As a moderator for Institute seminars, Margot completed moderator training and is a moderator for the Leading in an Era of Globalization seminar that is the mixer for the Institute’s fellowships. 

Margot is a member of the Board of Directors of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the Israel Now Education Foundation. Ms. Pritzker is chair of the Zohar Education Project Incorporated, established in 1995 to translate the Zohar, the mystical canon of Judaism, into English. This 20-year,12-volume project was completed in 2017. Oversight of this project continues today as the Zohar translation meets the digital world.  Additionally, Margot was the founder and president of an online meeting place for skills- based volunteering. WomenOnCall successfully merged with Chicago Cares in 2018.

Margot and her husband, Thomas J. Pritzker, direct The Pritzker Architecture Prize which is considered the profession’s highest honor. Margot and Tom reside in Chicago, they have three sons and four grandchildren. Their extensive travel and knowledge of South Asia has resulted in one of the foremost collections of South Asian art. Margot holds a B.A. from Northwestern University and an M.A. from the University of Chicago.

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