Matthew Filbert

Matthew Filbert is the Communications Intern for the Aspen Global Leadership Network, assisting in the creation of content aimed to both motivate and champion Aspen Fellows around the world. He also researches and writes about nominees for the Health Innovator Fellowship, spearheaded the creation of the AGLN Style Guide, and is the Cybersecurity & Technology Program’s and the AGLN’s de facto On-Site Web Developer.

Prior to joining the Aspen Institute, Matthew specialized in information technology while working with Anne Arundel County Public Schools. He collaborated with educators to provide cutting-edge technology in the classroom. Before AACPS, Matthew served as a fundraiser and junior website developer who worked with groups like Swastha Nepal and the Mountain Fund to bolster Nepalese healthcare. During this time, he also wrote and edited copy for GLHF Magazine. He has worked with the DNC, taught sailing, and proudly donned the griffin suit as William & Mary’s mascot. Matthew holds a BA in government, with a specialization in cybersecurity, from the College of William & Mary. He is a mediocre mandolinist, a competent rugby player, and a savant at making pancakes.