Noah Fribley

Noah Fribley is program associate for Youth and Engagement Programs’ soon-to-launch ArcheType, a program designed to cultivate and spotlight young people exhibiting extraordinary agency across the country. After spending his childhood in Minnesota and graduating from Grinnell College with a degree in anthropology and a concentration in environmental science, Noah set out on a career in experiential and environmental education for youth of all backgrounds. He served as the training and outreach manager at Gobabeb Research and Training Centre in Namibia, founded an interdisciplinary research farm at the United World College – USA in New Mexico, and most recently worked at the Community Center for Education Results in Seattle. He’s thrilled to join such a passionate team at the Aspen Institute and to further his own education while serving others.

Although he doesn’t lead wilderness trips anymore, Noah keeps a pack ready in his car in case an opportunity to set out on a trail arises. He’s always looking for a garden to tend and musicians to play with!