Patrick Randolph

Patrick D. Randolph is the program associate for Program Quality, Design, and Assessment. A native Midwesterner, Patrick grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and Madison, Wisconsin. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in Education and worked as an Admissions Representative for his alma mater. After traveling around Missouri and Illinois for two years, Patrick attended Loyola University Chicago to complete a Master of Education. Most recently, Patrick worked as the program and organizing advisor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison helping the student government create positive change on campus. Patrick brings a passion for developing innovative educational programs and helping young leaders from all backgrounds realize their potential. Patrick lives in Madison with his partner Allie and their pup Maddie. He loves putting on a podcast while running, biking, hiking, lifting weights, or exploring dog parks. Patrick also has a passion for sustainable organic agriculture and hopes to own his own farm one day.