Race, Arts, and America

Our Union cannot be truly perfected until the problems that exist on account of race—the skewed levels of opportunity, the barriers of bias, and the alienation of misunderstanding—are finally erased. The arts have a unique capacity for assisting in the achievement of this goal. This initiative of the Aspen Institute Arts Program examines opportunities for progress by bringing to the table voices who can contribute, including: artists, creators, and presenters—all of whom bear responsibility for what and who appear on stage, page, or screen; educators and critics—who share and elucidate for our citizens the value of, and the values in, our arts; and policymakers and funders—whose actions shape, sustain, and nourish our artistic communities. We look forward to a creative dialogue that can connect to the national conversation, striving for improvement on this vitally challenging problem that our country continues to face.