Axios Codebook

Aspen Digital partners with Axios to bring readers Codebook, a weekly newsletter that covers the latest in cybersecurity, national security, and technology—reported by our senior staff writer, Zach Dorfman.

Cybersecurity is the story of our time, and in a globalized, wired economy, information is the most valuable natural resource. It’s the currency of the digital age. The global pandemic has only accelerated our push to virtual spaces and new environments, rewriting the rules for government and industry, and presenting many new opportunities and vulnerabilities. Yet, despite their growing importance to our daily lives, cybersecurity and technology—and corresponding policy—remain too little understood in the corridors of Washington, in corporate boardrooms, and around America’s kitchen tables.

Axios Codebook helps people make smarter choices about security and technology. Offering subject-matter expertise, the newsletter aims to lead the national conversation and create a deeper public understanding of how cybersecurity shapes our future.


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