Communications Policy

For 35 years, we have convened global leaders and experts from business, government, and nonprofit through our annual Conference on Communications Policy. The goal is to develop recommendations for how the information ecosystem can benefit societies. In addition, our program also addresses:

  • Connectivity and Access – Each year, we bring together decision-makers from the telecommunication and information industries, consumer groups, nonprofits, and government to exchange insights and recommend policy. Core to this work is helping to close the digital divide and ensure equitable internet access.
  • Content Moderation – Partnership for a Healthy Digital Public Sphere is our new long-term project centered on content moderation. Working with key stakeholders, we have identified five urgent issues for which we must set standards before 2021. In the next phase, we turn toward researching and developing a systems framework for addressing these needs, as well as raising public awareness of the content moderation process.