Emerging Technology

We bring together a wide range of doers and thinkers from law, academia, industry, and civil society to tackle pressing issues found at the intersection of emerging technology and society. The goal is to improve the design, development, and governance of these products through research, education, and policy. Our focus includes:

  • Algorithm and Data Bias – The fuel that powers the engine of today’s digital economy is data—a vast compendium of knowledge that captures who we are, what we buy, what we watch, how we live, and what we believe. In the wrong hands or with improper analysis, that data can intrude on our private lives, exacerbate existing inequities, and undermine progress. We will address these challenges in collaboration with the public sector and private industry to drive more equitable outcomes in data governance.
  • Virtually Human Project – Building on our longstanding work in artificial intelligence, this project helps to inform and inspire the ways societies develop, deploy, and monitor the positive impacts of human-machine touchpoints.
  • Synthetic Media – AI-generated images, videos, and text are becoming cheaper, faster, and easier to produce—and more realistic. This content will entirely change how we experience the world via screens, and it will usher in a flowering of creativity. Our program will examine synthetic media across industries and work toward a common set of principles for how it should be used, contextualized, and labeled.