News & Information

We strive toward societies where all people have access to trustworthy information and reliable news sources. Where a free press thrives and information is not a weapon but a tool for civic engagement. Where the narrative equitably includes and represents the voices of traditionally marginalized communities. With this world vision, we work across:

  • News at the Speed of the Internet – Longstanding journalistic practices and norms have been upended by a fast-changing information ecosystem, which now includes social media feeds, bots, manipulation campaigns, and an altered political landscape. We host private workshops and discussions among journalists, ethicists, First Amendment attorneys, and academics for frank, off-the-record conversation.
  • Information Disorders – Mis- and dis-information have become a global plight that undermines public health efforts, elections, and the economy. We shine a critical lens on the issues and solutions for the public, and convene key social media platforms, news executives, researchers, and public interest leaders on solutions.
  • Sustainable Quality Journalism & Press Freedom – Through public and private programming, we shine a light on the risks posed to a free and sustainable press, the importance of quality reporting to common knowledge, and the role of news media in a democracy.