APEP provides advocates with free online tools: the Advocacy Progress Planner and our Continuous Progress side-by-side advocacy guides for grantmakers and advocates. These tools enable advocates, funders, and evaluators to:

  • plan better: make realistic predictions about feasible accomplishments
  • evaluate better: record information to assess progress toward your goals
  • advocate better: use what you learn to improve advocacy along the way


The Advocacy Progress Planner (APP) is a free online “logic model builder” designed to help advocacy organizations incorporate evaluation into their strategic planning. It helps you clarify key campaign elements: goals and impacts; audience; inputs; activities and tactics; and benchmarks that signal progress toward goals.  With built-in flexibility well suited to tracking progress on unpredictable policy change, the APP encourages advocates to set meaningful and measurable benchmarks as the basis for continuous assessment and reassessment. Explore a sample Plan.


Continuous Progress Advocacy Tools provide a step-by-step roadmap for planning advocacy efforts and conducting evaluations before, during, and after a campaign. Whether you are an advocate just setting your goals or a grantmaker knee-deep in execution, these practical tools help ensure that you are making the most of your efforts. Continuous Progress offers guides for both domestic and global issues.