AYLF Senior Fellows

Senior Fellow Network and Engagement Opportunities

While you complete your fellowship journey and after your graduation, the Aspen Young Leaders Fellowship offers continued support and professional guidance. Here are a few ways we provide continual guidance to our alumni: 

  • Online community of young leaders from across the nation
  • Become a youth facilitator, program ambassador, or alumni advisory council member
  • Access to leadership development training and resources
  • College, career, and leadership coaching from experienced civic leaders and professionals
  • On-demand, virtual academic tutoring support with subject matter experts
  • Access to high-impact mentoring program and internship and career pipeline
  • Safety net funds for crisis support, and up to $1,000 in Catalyst funds for community change initiatives

Senior Fellow Testimonials


“AYLF was one of the most impactful experiences I have ever had in my life. It was not only a physical commitment but a mental commitment. The power, the lessons, the inspiration, the vulnerability I witnessed at each session were moments I will never forget. Aspen Youth Leadership gave me guidance I never thought I needed and allowed me to meet people I could never forget. It challenged me to understand things and the courage to make a difference.  From the moderators to each individual cohort member there was a sense of greatness and it inspired me more than I could ever explain. At times when I was burned out and losing hope it gave me something to look forward to and I am forever grateful for this opportunity.” –Brianna James, AYLF Delta 2019


“As I reflect on the closing seminar and graduation, I realized my highlights were things that I took for granted. The people that I get to see each seminar and the educators.  The AYLF program is an opportunity to learn a lot and grow.  I grew intellectually, emotionally, and challenged by beliefs.  Thank you for everything.” Chris Latonnel, AYLF Newark 2019

“My experience with AYLF has been extremely eye opening. With AYLF I was able to discover things about myself, my community and about our society in a way that has inspired me. There is a lot that has to change, that is a given but we all have a role to play in making that change happen. AYLF is a program that given young minds and young community members the tools they need to begin the ripple of change. The community impact project is our way of setting in motion the change we want to see. Having this opportunity has allowed me to learn and see the world from different perspectives. I personally gained insight to my own biases and passions. I am beginning my journey as a change agent because of AYLF, and I hope to continue on this path even when the program has come to its end.” Marisol Soto, AYLF Newark 2019

“Through this process, we have learned that we can be better stewards of the community. AYLF has helped that immensely. It brings together a bunch of different perspectives to have a conversation about what’s important to us and what we can do to better ourselves.” Bob Sfroza, AYLF St. Louis 2018

“This program will come to shape who you are as a young person as well as the rest of your life. You’ll need dedication but of all of your priorities AYLF will continue to provide benefits during and after.

The amazing thing about AYLF and the Aspen Program is that they haven’t taught me so much as they have showed me. Through the members and the people they had come speak to us, leaders in the community, all became tools for us to teach ourselves.

I think another beautiful thing is AYLF’s commitment to developing us as people and leaders. Each seminar there was some element of personal development in how we can become happier with ourselves as people. Through that process I know I have a better understanding of who I am as a person, a student, an artist, and a leader.” Hannah Teverbaugh, AYLF St. Louis 2018