Aspen Institute Economic Mobility Fellowship

An Action Learning Lab for Corporate Leaders

With the continued support of the Ballmer Group, the Aspen Institute Business & Society Program has developed a new fellowship for business leaders who are enhancing economic mobility for low-wage workers while building long-term business value. Leveraging the successful Aspen Institute First Movers Fellowship Program, the new Economic Mobility Fellowship equips internal change-leaders with the skills, data, and tools they need to accelerate projects that create pipelines for the advancement of low-wage workers. As part of the new program, the Business & Society Program will gather and share its learnings to help more companies advance practices that serve business goals while meaningfully addressing economic inequality.

To nominate a Fellow for the 2024 cohort, please click here.

For more details about the Economic Mobility Fellowship, please download the 2024 overview. If you’d like to receive updates about the program or join us as a potential partner or candidate, please complete this form.

The Challenge

Economic inequality has been increasing in the U.S. almost continuously since 1980, resulting in the most unequal distribution of wealth among industrialized countries. Despite substantial gains in productivity and GDP over the past four decades, the prospects for building a life of economic stability for the 53 million US workers who occupy low-wage jobs – 44% of the American workforce – are increasingly dire.

The health of a business and the health of its workforce are inextricably intertwined. Today’s business success depends on an environment that promotes stability, learning, diversity, innovation, and growth for our economy’s most important asset – people. Now, more than ever, business has an opportunity to strike out on a new path.

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