Roundtable on Information Technology

The Roundtable on Information Technology is a private seminar of 25-30 business executives, government leaders, and visionaries. It examines the implications of emerging information technologies on societies, governments, communities and individuals, and the new leadership roles that are required.

The latest Aspen Institute Roundtable on Information Technology focused on the growth of digital assets due to the rise of new technologies and telecommunications. As more transactions of everyday life migrate to network platforms using digital technologies, the amounts of data being produced are exploding. The dialogue examined the opportunities and risks of digital assets and the impact on policymakers, consumers, and the government. It also explored the strategic and competitive implications of open platforms, the social dynamics of digital assets, and how innovative technologies can stop data fraud.

The Report of the Roundtable, Managing Digital Assets: The Challenge of Creating and Sustaining Intangible Value in a Data-Driven Economy, written by rapporteur David Bollier, is now available on the report website.