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Potential federal Rural Partnership Program

Current Information Page
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Senate Timing Update 11/30: (from POLITICO) “Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is indicating to Democratic senators that President Joe Biden’s social spending bill will come to the Senate floor the week of Dec. 13, according to three people briefed on his plans.”

Federal RPP Update 11/19: The House has passed the $1.85T Build Back Better Act, which includes the Rural Partnership Program, on a successful 220-to-213 vote. The Build Back Better bill will now go to the Senate where they can make changes or vote to pass as is. If changes are made they will go back to House as there is no Conference Committee in the Reconciliation process. We will be providing updates as we know more about how the Senate is going to proceed.

RRAN Statement on the House passing Build Back Better: Today’s House vote on the Build Back Better Act is an important step in moving its historic investment in rural communities through the Rural Partnership Program closer to reality. The Reimagining Rural Assistance Network applauds the work by the House of Representatives, and urges the Senate to act quickly to get this much needed assistance out to America’s rural towns, communities and tribes to help create a locally driven sustainable and equitable future.

Why RPP: Communities and regions across the rural United States and Native nations often must scramble to find and access any funding that can be used flexibly to address locally determined community and economic development priorities in ways that make local sense. Within the budget reconciliation package – which is in active negotiation right now – a proposed Rural Partnership Program (RPP) would make just that kind of funding available across the country to regional and local collaboratives, which can include a wide range of non-profits, government entities, philanthropic organizations, colleges and others. RPP represents a new approach for how federal resources can support rural America.

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Current Status of RPP
  • Federal RPP Update 11/19: The House has passed the $1.85T Build Back Better Act, which includes the Rural Partnership Program, on a successful 220-to-213 vote. The Act now heads to the Senate.
  • Most recent legislative language: The Rural Partnership Program is one component in the budget reconciliation bill (the Build Back Better Act) currently under negotiation in Congress. Read the most up to date language as of 10/28  that is the basis of negotiations. Read the House Rules Committee Print legislative text. Jump to page 30 for the RPP language. There may be some differences between the House and Senate language.
  • Federal RPP Update as of 11/5: As part of the agreement when the bipartisan Infrastructure and Jobs Act passed on 11/5/21, House Democrats agreed there would be a vote on the Build Back Better (BBB Act) budget reconciliation bill no later than the week of November 15. Lawmakers said they are committed to working to resolve any discrepancies in order to pass the BBB Act if the Congressional Budget Office score differs from other estimates issued this week from the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation and the White House.
  • Update 11/9: On timing for CBO scoring of the Build Back Better bill and its components see this website.
  • Update 10/28: President Biden announced a path forward for his Build Back Better Agenda and Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal and the next steps to getting it done. Here is a White House fact sheet and microsite on the new Build Back Better Framework.

The Federal Policy Context for RPP

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Organization Statements

RRAN Statement on the Build Back Better Agenda: Rural communities are the backbone of America. These places grow the nation’s food, produce the nation’s energy and guard the nation’s natural resources. However, for far too long, rural communities have been left behind. The inclusion of the Rural Partnership Program (RPP) in the final Reconciliation Package is an important and much needed investment to help these communities thrive. The program will help local governments, organizations, tribes and other groups address historic inequities, challenges posed by climate change and other local needs through flexible, long-term funding for communities to implement their own solutions.

The Reimagining Rural Assistance Network applauds the work by President Biden and Congress to fund RPP in the reconciliation package and appreciates the tireless work of Chairman Scott, Chairwoman Stabenow, Reps. Bustos, Craig and Delgado, and Sens. Baldwin, Durbin, Gillibrand, Kelly, Smith and Warnock in championing the need for change in how we support rural communities and encourage all lawmakers to support this important program. We look forward to working with lawmakers and USDA to implement this historic investment in rural development.

Statements of Support for Previous Versions of RPP

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