Food Worker COVID-19 Health Safety Toolkit

Food Worker COVID-19 Health Safety Toolkit

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The CDC Foundation has created a Food Worker COVID-19 Health Safety Toolkit to support the frontline food industry workers who continue to work while facing the COVID-19 pandemic daily in the workplace. Food & Society at the Aspen Institute is fortunate to be a working partner with the CDC Foundation in this new toolkit, which was adapted into two new online trainings – one directed toward food-service professionals in the restaurant and hospitality industry, and the other toward public-health professionals providing sector-specific guidance within their localities.

The CDC Foundation toolkit provides information, resources, and guidance on topics such as COVID-19 safety best practices, vaccine information, and mental health. The toolkit was created specifically to support frontline food industry workers in the Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, and Asian/Pacific Islander populations who are at increased risk for COVID-19.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has put an unprecedented focus on how intensely the United States relies on its frontline workers, including those who support the food industry. These workers have maintained the nation’s food industry throughout the pandemic, all the while facing increased exposure and risk of contracting the virus. Their own needs to avoid COVID in the workplace are detailed in our working partner Food & Society at the Aspen Institute’s COVID safety guidelines, Safety First: Protecting Workers and Diners as Restaurants Reopen, which contain detailed, step-by-step guidelines for diners, workers, and managers  from the time they leave home to the time they leave work.

Currently, 49 percent of the nation’s food industry workers are Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, and non-U.S. born individuals from Asian/Pacific Islander communities. These populations face additional risks outside of the workplace, including bearing the heaviest burden of COVID-19 infection rates, experiencing limited access to testing, and higher rates of serious illness and death.

The toolkit provides essential culturally relevant resources and guidance, encourages vaccinations, and emphasizes the importance of continuing to follow updated safety recommendations as the nation navigates the pandemic and moves toward a new normal.

The toolkit includes five unique products, with topics ranging from vaccine information to mental health support. The five products are:

Vaccine Guidance Product Group: This product group includes two one-page infographics and a social media sticker. The first infographic provides information on vaccine safety and the personal and societal benefits of vaccination to inspire vaccine uptake. The second infographic provides guidance on vaccine cost, the various locations that offer the vaccine, and a call to action to create a personal and/or family vaccination plan. The social media sticker can be shared on social media platforms to promote vaccinations.

COVID-19 Safety Tips for Food Business Managers: This three-page infographic provides managers with guidance for implementing workplace best practices, including a script for employees when communicating mask policies with customers.

COVID-19 Safety Quiz: Are You Protecting Yourself from COVID-19?: This two-page infographic serves as a personal quiz that prompts users to assess their COVID-19 safety practices and provides information for how to implement safe behaviors.

OSHA Infographic: How to Speak Up & Stay Safe: This one-page infographic provides information on a three-step process for reporting a workplace concern to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

How Are You Feeling? Mental Health: This one-page infographic provides information for identifying symptoms of mental health needs and providing resources for support.

Download the toolkit: English Toolkit | Spanish Toolkit | Vietnamese Toolkit | Simplified Chinese Toolkit