Future of Work Initiative Events

Portable Benefits for Independent Workers The Aspen Institute
Listen to Senator Mark Warner speak about the portable benefits in the On-Demand Economy at the Initiative's launch event

As we learn the full extent and nature of the on-demand economy – which includes a wide variety of differing services, business models, and relationships with workers – we must seize the opportunities it creates and confront the challenges it presents to our 1930s social contract. 

In addition to defining a dependable social contract for a changing workplace, the Aspen Initiative on the Future of Work will explore policies to enable and incent employers to make longer-term investments in their workforce.

Throughout 2016, the Initiative will address these challenges in a series of convenings with stakeholders from across the spectrum, including business leaders, investors, worker advocates, workforce development experts, academics, civic leaders, and thought leaders in Washington and around the country to discuss the policy options available for promoting longer-term investments in workers.