Global Alliances Program

The Global Alliances Program works in the field of Fringe Diplomacy, which explores the space just beyond the boundaries of states and governments’ capacity and authority in international relations. It expands what is possible between communities and nations. It relies on individual citizens, communities, businesses, universities, artists and NGOs to occupy the space where governments cannot go.

The Global Alliances Program is focused on smart, strategic and meaningful human interaction and engagement. It brings together some of the most curious, creative and innovative individuals to engage in exchange, conversation and build opportunities for partnership and investment in emerging markets around the world.

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The Global Alliances Program is currently and predominantly focused on Partnership Opportunity Delegations (PODs). PODs are small, focused delegation exchanges aimed at creating business, entrepreneurship and investment opportunities in communities often left without the benefits of commercial and business engagement. PODs result in direct investments and partnerships. By integrating investors, business executives and social enterprises, PODs create a powerful engagement package and an unprecedented and effective experience.

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