NeuroArts Blueprint: The Science of Arts, Health and Well-Being

Launched in 2019, the NeuroArts Blueprint: The Science of Arts, Health and Well-Being is designed to strengthen, standardize, and propel the emerging field of neuroarts by identifying the robust empirical and translational scientific evidence that captures the measurable ways art can change the brain and the body for the better.

The NeuroArts Blueprint is a partnership project of the Johns Hopkins International Arts & Mind Lab Center for Applied Neuroaesthetics and the Aspen Institute Health, Medicine and Society Program.


Renée Fleming, renowned soprano and co-founder of Sound Health Initiative; Eric Nestler, neuroscientist and dean of Academic and Scientific Affairs at Mount Sinai Medical Center; Michael Paseornek, originator and long-time president of Lionsgate Film; and Anna Deavere Smith, actress, playwright, author and professor, are co-chairing an interdisciplinary Advisory Board of thought leaders to guide the project forward. Susan Magsamen, MAS, executive director of the Johns Hopkins Arts + Mind Lab Center for Applied Neuroaesthetics, and Ruth J. Katz, JD, MPH, executive director of the Health, Medicine and Society Program at the Aspen Institute, serve as co-directors.

The Agile Brain

The brain changes nanosecond by nanosecond in response to stimuli, a neuroplasticity that influences how we process and respond to creative experiences. The science reveals that exposure—to visual and performance arts, storytelling and poetry, architecture, and the natural environment—fosters connections across a vast and complex network populated by hundreds of billions of neurons.

Over the last 20 years, advances in imaging capacities, biomarkers, and other noninvasive mapping and measuring technologies have yielded new insights about how the brain works. As research is translated into practice, we have already discovered that music supports people with Alzheimer’s disease, dance eases the symptoms of Parkinson’s, and architecture promotes healing in the clinic. And the science is taking us much further. We increasingly recognize neuroarts as a pathway to promote learning, build healthier communities, transform traditional medicine, and strengthen physical and mental health.

Our Convenings

To inform the NeuroArts Blueprint, and bring together as many disparate voices as possible, we are convening a series of highly interactive, interdisciplinary meetings across the country, and around the globe. Stakeholders and pioneers—in health care, neuroscience, public policy, public health, community development, art and architecture, technology, communications, philanthropy and business—are coming together at virtual tables for these conversations.

Building the Field

The NeuroArts Blueprint will articulate and advance the scientific foundation and evidence for the role of arts in health and well-being through the lens of research, practice, community-building, policy, funding, and communications.

With an emphasis on translation, we’ll make recommendations about a common vocabulary, highlight available research and identify gaps, showcase exemplar practice models, and describe possible training and professional development pathways. As we define the value proposition that invites sustainable public and private investment, and craft a communication plan to attract broad interest, we will produce a roadmap to elevate the field of neuroarts.

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