Activating Latino Millennial Civic Power

In June 2016, the Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program convened 26 Millennials and non-Millennials in Aspen, CO for a convening on Unlocking Latino Millennial Civic Power. The group came from across the country and represented a range of ages, ethnicities, and perspectives, as well as a broad range of civic engagement practices. Tasked with exploring why Latino Millennials fall behind other groups in civic engagement, participants broke into groups focused on a five topic areas. They covered policy barriers and institutions; the continuum of civic engagement activities; racism and cultural barriers; agency, power and the media; and information and education on civic engagement. At the end of the convening, each group presented actionable projects and ideas for increasing Latino Millennial civic engagement targeting these five areas. Projects included: a good citizenship certification for businesses, nonprofits and government; a campaign to leverage millennials through social media; an online resource to inform and facilitate participation; developing community activation efforts; and a fellowship aimed at building a more inclusive civil society for all.