Aspen Latino Digital Inclusion Research Initiative

The Aspen Latino Digital Inclusion (LDI) Initiative identifies, develops and uplifts promising ecosystem approaches that better prepare Latinos to compete in a 21st century digital economy. 

Latino Inclusion in the Digital Economy, a 2021 report published by AILAS, identified the most pressing challenges that Latino entrepreneurs and workers faced during the pandemic and what industry, governments, and non-profits can do to address the Latino digital skills gap. 

The LDI Initiative’s goal is to conduct further research to better understand the obstacles and opportunities that Latinos face to better integrate into the digital economy. Our scope of work includes:

▪ Convening cross-sector stakeholders to share best practices and scale solutions to upskill and reskill adult workers

▪ Addressing the leaky talent tech pipeline and source policy recommendations 

▪ Creating a public campaign to educate Latinos on new jobs created by new technologies

▪ Through research, identifying and creating pathways to digital literacy and digital relevancy

▪ Helping entrepreneurs identify digitalization process, priorities and opportunities to scale their businesses