Woody and Gayle Hunt-Aspen Institute Fellowship

The Woody and Gayle Hunt- Aspen Institute Fellowship is a scholarship program managed by the Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program that serves to increase the participation of individuals from the Borderplex Region (El Paso, TX; Ciudad Juarez, MX; Las Cruces, NM) in Aspen Institute programming. The Fellowship aims to contribute to the leadership skills of individuals through exposure to world-class programming and connections to new networks. The Aspen Institute also benefits from incorporating key perspectives from the region into Institute conversations and tables. Fellows are awarded scholarships that cover the cost of participation in Aspen Institute public events, policy roundtables, leadership seminars and other convenings. Fellows also become members of a community of changemakers and leaders and are provided with opportunities to engage with each other in regional meet-and-greets.


To be eligible for the Woody and Gayle Hunt- Aspen Institute Fellowship the candidate must:

  1. Be over the age of 18 (Specific programs may have additional age restrictions)
  2. Be a resident of the Borderplex Region- (El Paso, TX; Ciudad Juarez, MX; Las Cruces, NM)
  3. Committed to bringing what they learn back to the Paso del Norte region
  4. Submit financial need statement
  5. Be admitted to an Aspen Institute program and able to contribute to the conversation based on professional and personal experience
Nomination Process

Those who have been accepted to an Aspen Institute program or are waiting on acceptance must identify the cost of participation, including travel and lodging. A full list of programs can be found on the Aspen Institute website. Applicants must submit a complete application form, that must include a short biography and headshot of the candidate, the basis for financial need, and why they are a good candidate for participating in the specific program/activity.

The Aspen Institute program selected will review the nominations, notify the candidate and apply for financial support on behalf of the candidate.

Want To Learn More? 

For more information on Aspen Institute programs, to be a partner organization or to learn more about the Woody and Gayle Hunt- Aspen Institute Fellowship please reach out to Silvia Green at [email protected].