Realizing Affordable Housing Roundtable

Stable, quality housing is the cornerstone of family and community life and yet our housing sector faces serious challenges, many of which are unprecedented. Burdensome rents, foreclosure, underfunded public housing and growing numbers of homeless families have been the most obvious indicators. The widespread nature of these challenges suggests that we reconsider many of the prevailing policies, practices and belief systems that shape housing in the United States as they affect the availability of affordable housing.

The Realizing Affordable Housing Roundtable (RAHR) convenes leading community development practitioners, residents, developers, financers, researchers and policymakers for carefully structured sessions focused on reexamination of affordable housing in the US, particularly on the benefits and challenges inherent in producing and maintaining affordable housing. The RAHR pays special attention to fair housing and to underrepresented forms of affordable housing and land use, for example limited- and shared-equity cooperatives, community land trusts, mutual housing associations, public housing, and supportive housing.

Recent RAHR Initiatives: After Thompson v. HUD: Implications for the Wellbeing of Children, 2014.