Aspen Young Leaders Fellowship

The Aspen Young Leaders Fellowship is a new, place-based, multi-site initiative of the Aspen Institute Youth & Engagement Division that will develop the next generation of local, purpose-driven youth leaders. Building upon the Institute’s commitment to values-based, action-oriented leadership, the program will spur selected “Fellows” to consider the values and perspectives necessary for effective leadership in their communities and in society at-large. Each year, the Young Leaders Fellowship will partner with communities in both urban and rural areas to select local classes of 24 Fellows who have demonstrated significant leadership potential. The classes will meet over two years and develop skills to engage with their communities and each other, while also developing group projects for their local regions. As new cohorts are selected each year and engage with each other, a cross-section of local leaders will grow in each of these communities, driving real change and sustainable progress.

The two-year core program is an innovative take on traditional Aspen leadership programs, with 5 convenings in the first year and 4 convenings in the second year. The first year curriculum will focus on “Connecting Passion to Purpose” and the second year will focus on “Community Impact” with each cohort launching a social venture project designed to directly impact the local community. During the creation of their projects, each cohort will meet to develop the venture, receive feedback from the community and implement the idea. Meetings will be coordinated and supported by a partner community liaison working directly with the Aspen Young Leaders Fellowship staff. Each Fellow will be assigned a leading local citizen as a mentor. Additionally, in between the seminars, the Fellows will engage in team bonding activities and be invited to sessions with local and national leaders, scheduled so that fellows and alumni can join in the discussions.

Applicants to the Fellowship should have some or all of these qualities and experiences prior to the Fellowship, and meet the listed qualifications.

Learn more about what participants will experience during the Fellowship and strive to achieve as a cohort.

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The Aspen Young Leaders Fellowship is part of the newly launched Youth & Engagement Programs at the Aspen Institute.