Aspen Executive Seminar

The Aspen Executive Seminar helps leaders answer the question, What does it mean to lead and live wisely for a good society? Our premises:

  • leadership begins with self-leadership—we cannot lead others unless we can lead ourselves;
  • the decisions we make are never purely economic or technical, but moral—we need time and space to clarify and test our values;
  • wisdom is the capacity to make tradeoffs among competing goods—we must understand the tensions among the values that drive choices in a globalizing world.

For more than 65 years, the Aspen Executive Seminar has convened small groups of 18-20 accomplished leaders from across sectors and throughout the world for challenging, facilitated, text-based dialogue. The seminar’s highly immersive, dynamic learning experience creates a space personal and professional development which aims to help leaders become more self-aware and more self-correcting.

“As a CEO, taking time to sharpen the saw is critical. The Aspen Executive Seminar is the best whetstone out there.”                                                                                                                             —Reed Hastings, Founder and CEO, Netflix

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2018 Aspen Executive Seminar Dates

March 10-16, Aspen, CO │ April 7-13, Aspen, CO │April 28-May 4, Wye River, MD

May 19-25, Wye River, MD │June 2-8, Aspen, CO │August 18-24, Aspen, CO

September 22-28, Aspen, CO│October 13-19, Wye River, MD

Cost to attend in 2018:

All costs include lodging, meals, group events, materials and transportation to and from the closest airport. Airfare is not included; early flight booking is strongly recommended.

  • Full participant = $11,350
  • Participating spouse/guest = $9,850 (shared room, full participation in all seminar events)
  • Auditing spouse/guest = $6,000 (shared room, full auditing privileges, all meals)
  • Accompanying spouse/guest = $2,550 (shared room, all meals)

If you would like to bring a guest, please contact Kalissa Hendrickson  for additional registration instructions.

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