Are we safer today than we were when the Department of Homeland Security was created more than a decade ago? What progress has DHS made and what more must it do to secure the nation? US Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson answered these questions and others at the 2014 Aspen Security Forum in Aspen, CO.
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How does a good education improve the health of disadvantaged youth? What is one way to protect sex workers from HIV globally? How does rhetoric impact the conflict in Israel and Palestine? Programs at the Aspen Institute have been scouring their respective issue areas to find and share the most insightful and informative links to answer these questions, and more.

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Watch the full session with US Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno on the Army's role in defending the country.

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The Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund awards grants to fund promising cross-sector collaboration in communities seeking to build successful education and employment opportunities for young people disconnected from work and school.
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Around the same time as Rent the Runway's announcement of their new unlimited subscription service to lease clothing by mail, company CEO and Co-founder Jennifer Hyman shared the lessons she's learned from starting the famous online fashion website at the Society of Fellows Vanguard Chapter's annual summer reception in Aspen, CO.
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I never considered myself a very spiritual person, but having spent the last few days surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and boundless passion, I have to say that I was moved. I had the honor and privilege of attending my first seminar for the Aspen Institute First Movers Fellowship, a program focused on developing leaders who are driving positive social change within companies, aka social intrapreneurs.
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Hearing civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis speak about his experiences in Selma, Alabama, at lunch counters in Nashville, Tennessee, and at the March on Washington is undeniably moving and inspiring. But hearing him describe the minute details of those seminal events — and his personal story that led him there — transported an Aspen Institute audience back to a time, not too long ago, that serves as a lingering reminder of why we should never forget the evils of discrimination and segregation.
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You wouldn’t know it from the outrage triggered by the recent Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case, but the majority decision clarified a hot legal question that has little to do with religious freedom.
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The 2014 Aspen Security Forum, which takes place July 23-26 in Aspen, CO, will bring together high-ranking security and military officials and top experts to discuss some of the world's biggest conflicts of today, and the US' role in helping to solve these issues.
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