Society of Fellows

Extraordinary Ideas, Extraordinary Access

The Society of Fellows (SOF) is a national community of the Institute’s closest friends whose support plays an instrumental role in advancing the mission of the Aspen Institute. Fellows enjoy unparalleled access to Institute programs, most notably exclusive discussion receptions, luncheons, and multi-day symposia, all featuring policy and issue experts. Fellows are the first to know of offerings, receiving special invitations to programs in Aspen; New York; Washington, DC; San Francisco, and elsewhere across the country. Those who wish to engage deeper in the Institute’s work are encouraged to join.

Fellows actively participate in the Aspen Institute’s programs, act as advocates and ambassadors, and help sustain the Institute’s mission. Founded in 1964, the Society of Fellows program provides important unrestricted support that advances all facets of the Institute’s work. Fellows understand the importance of fostering leadership based on values, encouraging individuals to reflect on the ideals and ideas that define a good society, and promoting civil dialogue on the important issues of the day.

Join the Fellows program to advance and expand the work of The Aspen Institute. Your support is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.






Fellows are the First to Know

The Society of Fellows team is committed to ensuring members are informed of the Institute’s work, are aware of opportunities to engage in events, and understand the importance of their support to our growth and success. Society of Fellows are sent regular newsletters and event invitations and can register for programs using an exclusive Society of Fellows Hotline.

Programs Across the Country

The Society of Fellows team curates programming in Aspen, New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, and elsewhere across the country. To help coordinate these programs, we have four regional directors that plan and execute these events. Please feel free to reach out to your respective director for more information about programming in your area.

Deputy Director, Washington, D.C.: Silbi Stainton
Deputy Director, New York: Desiree Beebe
Deputy Director, San Francisco: Stacey Silver