Braddock Scholars: An Opportunity for US Based Members of the Aspen Global Leadership Network

The Braddock Scholars Program is a 12-month program designed to support entrepreneurs leading organizations on the cusp of achieving significant scale with high level mentorship, peer-learning, and capital to fund key initiatives of the scholars choosing.

The program is made possible thanks to the generosity of Aspen Institute Trustee, Rick Braddock. Mr. Braddock has had a distinguished career in global business, and serves as one of the program’s senior mentors. Braddock observed that there was a missing link between effective entrepreneurship and optimal impact, acknowledging, "Entrepreneurs are great at starting businesses that solve important problems in new ways, but aren’t always effective at bringing these innovations to scale." The Braddock Scholars program aims to bridge the gap between experience and entrepreneurship by channeling the expertise of the mentors towards the challenges Braddock Scholars face.

See what the inaugural Scholars say about the program:

This is a remarkable opportunity to help scale your enterprise as you garner wisdom from heavy hitting private sector leaders and collaborate with a remarkable group of Aspen Fellows.

-Jordan Kassalow, Henry Crown Fellow, McNulty Prize Winner, Inaugural Braddock Scholar

The Braddock Scholars program has been one of the most catalytic experiences for both my personal development and for Braven as an organization. Rick's mentorship and the insights, support, and encouragement from my fellow scholars have greatly advanced Braven's strategic path forward.

-Aimee Eubanks Davis, Pahara-Aspen Fellow, Inaugural Braddock Scholar

"What a great network of experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and civic leaders. I'm not sure from whom I learn more: the mentors or the other scholars."

 -Brett Jenks, Catto Fellow, McNulty Prize Laureate, Inaugural Braddock Scholar

"The Braddock Scholars program is a tremendous professional development opportunity, timed to provide the strategic support you need when you're organization is ready for scale. Just the caliber of the cohort is remarkable (and humbling). But on top of it, Aspen connects you with a world-renowned mentor to serve as a strategic thought-partner and plugs you into Aspen's network of change makers. I'm only half way into the fellowship and I'm already blown away!"

-Eric Westendorf, Pahara-Aspen Fellow, Inaugural Braddock Scholar

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