Capacity Development Fund (CDF)Request for Proposals – 2014 

ANDE members may apply to the Capacity Development Fund for grants of up to 18 months; with a maximum total request of US$50,000.  Joint submissions from ANDE members and submissions which demonstrate the broader benefit to the sector are strongly encouraged.  Non-ANDE members may be part of a collaborative grant request; however the ANDE member must be the primary grant recipient.  ANDE members may participate in more than one grant proposal.  Annual membership dues must be current in order to be eligible and organizations must be members for the duration of the granting period. ANDE seeks to fund around 4 proposals in this sixth round.  Total funds available for this RFP are approximately $200,000.  The Lemelson Foundation and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women have graciously provided the capital for this round of funding.This CDF round will put additional emphasis on funding proposals targeting women’s entrepreneurship and invention-based enterprises. 

State of the SGB Sector: Impact Report 2013 (June 28, 2014)

This report highlights the state of the SGB sector and also ANDE's vision for our future. You may notice differences from previous years' publications. This year, we have designed a report that we hope will be a reference for organizations who already are involved in the sector. Rather than making the case for SGBs, this report focuses on the progress and challenges that we have seen over the past five years. We draw on data provided by ANDE members and others over the past year to understand sector trends. We also leverage ANDE's proprietary research and the work of our member-led working groups and regional chapters to highlight important issues and milestones. The member initiatives that we describe represent just a small fraction of the exciting developments among ANDE members. Read the full report.

The State of Measurement Practice in the SGB Sector
This report reviews the current state of measurement in two types of organizations that directly support SGBs – impact investors and capacity development providers. Using a mixed-methods approach, we collected data and interviewed over 30 organizations across these two categories, and analyzed key trends in measurement practice. Read the full report.




On April 8th 2014, ANDE celebrated its fifth anniversary! Since 2009, ANDE has grown from 34 to over 200 inspiring members


ANDE Celebrates 5 Years of Supporting Small and Growing Businesses from ANDE on Vimeo.

​Let's look back at five years of ANDE in numbers:

  • More than 1200 individuals participating in working groups on topics such as Women's Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Agriculture and Metrics & Research
  • $2.1 million granted to 39 projects through ANDE's Capacity Development Fund
  • Over $250,000 in scholarships to attend ANDE events
  • 2000+ individuals have participated in ANDE events all over the world
  • 6 Regional Chapters have been established in Brazil, Central American & Mexico, East Africa, India, South Africa, West Africa and our newly forming East and Southeast Asia Chapter (2014)!

We did this all with the strong belief that the work our members do to support small and growing businesses (SGBs) will help create prosperity in the developing world.

ANDE published in "Innovations" by MIT Press
The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) believes there is a pressing need for a more holistic, evidence-based approach to leveraging the potential of incubators and accelerators and to understanding what makes them successful. These articles published in "innovations" by MIT Press, highlights the  state of research on incubators and accelerators and outlines what further research is required.
For more information, please click here


Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Diagnostic Toolkit
This toolkit has been developed by the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), with the support of the UK Department for International Development (DFID). It provides methodological guidance on assessing the current state of entrepreneurial ecosystems and offers a set of resources and tools that can be used by development practitioners. This toolkit does not aim to be exhaustive, but is intended to serve as a basis for other organizations to build upon. ANDE encourages practitioners to use this toolkit as a resource guide that can be adapted and modified to fit the local and/sectoral context. For more information, please click here.

ANDE featured in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR)
Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) published an article about ANDE entitled "Filling Out the Middle." According to SSIR, ANDE is on an "impressive trajectory" and "owes much of its success to its core strategy." To read the full article about how ANDE is targeting the "missing middle" please click here.


ANDE Annual Conference 2013: Keynote Panel

Can Business Solve Poverty?

Moderated by Alice Korngold, President & CEO of Korngold Consulting. Panelists include Jacqueline Novogratz, CEO and Founder of Acumen; Paul Polak, author of The Business Solution to Poverty; and Paul Basil, Founder and CEO of Villgro.

Working Paper: Growth and Opportunity:The Landscape of Organizations that Support Small and Growing Businesses in the Developing World

Commissioned by the Aspen Network of Development  Entrepreneurs (ANDE) as part of its own strategic planning process, this study maps the landscape of the SGB sector, and in so doing, determines both the challenges facing SGB intermediaries and how ANDE and other organizations should support the field in addressing these challenges.

To read the full report, please click here 


The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) announced the winners of the fifth round of the ANDE Capacity Development Fund (CDF). Commenced in 2009, the fund seeks to increase the productivity and effectiveness of ANDE members, while creating tools and insights that can help the small and growing business (SGB) sector as a whole. This round awarded six grants totaling $300,000, with each winner receiving $50,000. Total funds disbursed over the past five years now reaches $2.1 million.

Support for this year's fund was provided by The Lemelson Foundation and MasterCard Worldwide. Proposed solutions were evaluated for their clarity; feasibility and internal capacity; and impact on small and growing businesses. This CDF round put additional emphasis on funding proposals targeting women's entrepreneurship and invention-based enterprises

View the winning proposals here.



Each year, the ANDE Annual Conference is the largest gathering of members from around the globe. The event is targeted at high-level executives of ANDE member organizations, including leading investors, capacity development providers, foundations, banks, corporations, and research institutions. The highly interactive agenda features workshops on solutions to common challenges, networking sessions, and plenaries with leading thinkers in the SGB space. 

This gathering is highly interactive and practically focused. The agenda features roundtable workshops focused on solutions to common challenges, structured and unstructured networking sessions, and participatory plenary sessions with leading thinkers in the entrepreneurship space. For more information please click here.  

Value for Women releases new report: Beyond the Threshold: Investing in Women-led Small and Growing Businesses, at the ANDE Annual Conference


Value for Women released a new research report, "Beyond the Threshold: Investing in Women-led Small and Growing Businesses," detailing the problems of under-investment in women-led small and growing businesses. The report is the culmination of research conducted in collaboration with ANDE, BiD Network, ING Bank Sustainability, and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and was launched at the 2013 ANDE Annual Conference in Glen Cove NY.  To read the full report please click here.  Or watch the video here.

ANDE's 2012 Impact Report Released June 13th 2013

ANDE's Impact Report is a one-of-a-kind annual publication offering data on the current size and state of the SGB sector, the impact of ANDE's members, and a review of our work this past year.

This year's report highlights three key areas:
•    Start-up Stage Financing
•    Women's Entrepreneurship
•    Agriculture

Global launch events taking place June and July 2013 in Brazil, Costa Rica, Kenya and South Africa.

To download the full 2012 Impact Report and Executive Summary (available in English, Spanish and Portuguese), please click here.
Click here to read the press release.  

 Bridging the "Pioneer Gap": The Role of Accelerators in Launching High-Impact Enterprises (June 2013)

The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) and Village Capital are pleased to launch a new report, 'Bridging the "Pioneer Gap": The Role of Accelerators in Launching High-Impact Enterprises', a quantitative analysis of 52 social impact-focused incubators and accelerators, operating around the world.

To download the report, click here