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Through our intentional dialogues, public programs, annual policy forums, and environmental leadership initiative, the Energy and Environment Program creates impartial venues for global leaders to engage in informed discussion around energy and environmental challenges and solutions. The Program provides nonpartisan leadership and a neutral forum for improving energy and environmental policy-making through values-based dialogue by leveraging our core competency of convening professional, high-level, content-driven dialogues in the policy, science, finance, and business arenas.

Opinion, Politics, and Nature:
Missing the Planet's Biggest Story

by David Monsma, Executive Director, Energy and Environment Program

November/December 2015

If America's chattering classes tackled the actual issues facing our planet with the same vigor they apply to the political issue du jour, understanding of the true breadth and importance of climate impact on every human life would greatly improve. Read more >>

Bridging the Energy and Environmental Disconnect

by David Monsma, Executive Director, Energy and Environment Program
with thanks to Timothy Olson and David Grossman

July 28, 2015

The energy and environmental decisions facing society and its leaders are no longer decided by titanic, lopsided, high stakes political lobbying contests alone. Science, opinion, and dollars now flow both ways on nearly every energy and environmental issue we face. And, the frontlines of energy and environmental policies, choices, and practices are complex.

Today, energy, and environmental questions are inseparable from social and economic problems. Whether dealing with the Keystone XL pipeline, fracking, electricity infrastructure, food security, or drought response, positive change is only possible if social, economic, and environmental dimensions are fully addressed. Fully addressing these aspects to achieve good outcomes requires a non-ideological venue where leaders can openly discuss ideas and values, learn from each other, and generally expand their horizons. Read More >>