What We Do

IBMAmerica's ability to compete in a global economy depends on a workforce that possesses the skills required by employers. Skills for America’s Future (SAF) is an employer-led policy initiative of the Economic Opportunities Program at the Aspen Institute. SAF identifies solutions in which education and training providers work together with employers to prepare individuals with the skills that will allow American businesses to be more productive, innovative and competitive. SAF believes this can occur by the following three strategies: 

  1. Bring together economic development and skills development
  2. Demonstrate the efficacy of employer-community college partnerships
  3. Enhance the demand-driven capacity of existing workforce intermediaries

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Community College Facts

Why Community Colleges?

  1. Community colleges are well-suited to address the lack of well-trained, skilled and certified workers across the country.
  2. Community colleges are located in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Regardless of their location, businesses can find a community college partner nearby to help them with their job training needs.
  3. In many cases, community colleges are more flexible than other educational institutions in changing their class offerings, class times and even class locations to meet the needs of local employers and workforce.
  4. Community colleges generally have open admissions. The overwhelming majority of potential workers are eligible to take classes at community colleges. Read More.

Why Work With Skills?

WeldingAmerican businesses face growing skills gap challenge and companies with open jobs cannot find workers with the needed skills to fill them. An independent policy program of the Aspen Institute, Skills for America’s Future (SAF) is uniquely positioned to help reduce this skills gap by increasing the number and strengthening partnerships between employers and community colleges. These partnerships will help create a talent pipeline, ensuring that businesses remain competitive. SAF has established a network of over 300 partnerships including over 40 employers and more than 230 community college partners. Read More.

Photo Courtesy of Weld-Ed/Lorain County Community College