Future of Work Initiative

The Aspen Institute’s Future of Work Initiative is a nonpartisan effort to identify concrete ways to address the challenges American workers and businesses face due to the changing nature of work in the 21st century. The growth of the independent workforce, the increased importance of education and skills as a result of new technologies and increased automation, and the focus on short-term profits over long-term value creation are impacting workers and businesses today, and could bring dramatic changes in the years ahead. Rather than waiting to react to future disruptions, it is critical to address the changes transforming the U.S. economy by investing in workers and strengthening preparedness for the jobs of the future. The Initiative focuses on policy solutions at the federal, state, and local level to:

  • Improve economic security for both traditional and independent workers
  • Expand investment in and access to effective education and training programs
  • Reduce pressure on businesses to prioritize short-term profits and encourage investment in long-term value creation

Established in 2015, the Initiative is driven by the leadership of Honorary Co-Chairs Senator Mark R. Warner and Purdue University President and former Governor of Indiana Mitch Daniels, Co-Chairs John Bridgeland and Bruce Reed. Executive Director Alastair Fitzpayne leads an Aspen Institute staff, based in Washington, DC.