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The Freedom Savings Credit: A Practical Step to Build Americans' Household Balance Sheets

Lisa Mensah, Raymond O'Mara III, Colby Farber, Robert Weinberger
February 17, 2012

Building Americans' household balance sheets should start with making savings and asset-building incentives more efficient and equitable. Although millions of working Americans currently receive little or no tax incentive to save, modest reforms to our tax code have the potential to dramatically improve their financial futures. The Aspen Institute on Financial Security (Aspen IFS) proposes the ...

Two Generations, One Future; Moving Parents and Children Beyond Poverty Together

February 9, 2012

The United States in 2012 is at a crossroads about ways to ensure that all its people fuel progress in the 21st century. By creating partnerships across programs, policies, and systems that are now focused separately on children and parents, we can create an America in which a legacy of economic security and educational success passes from one generation to the next. We believe this vision shows a way...

Filling in the Gaps: Critical Linkages in Promoting Africa Food Security An Atlantic Basin Perspective

Joe Guinan, Katrin A. Kuhlmann, Timothy D. Searchinger, Elisio Contini, and Geraldo B. Martha
January 27, 2012

The challenge of global food security particularly in the Atlantic Basing will require critical linkages that are highlighted in this publication.

Artist-Endowed Foundations, Their Charitable Purposes and Public Benefit: Selections from the Study Report

Christine J. Vincent, Alberta Arthurs, Charles C. Bergman, James T. Demetrion, Lowery Stokes Sims, James Allen Smith, Stephen K. Urice
January 26, 2012

Homeland Security and Intelligence: Next Steps in Evolving the Mission

January 18, 2012

Examines the role that the Department of Homeland Security can and should play in the intelligence community. This paper was released during a hearing before the Terrorism, HUMIT, Analysis, and Counterintelligence (THACI) Subcommittee of U.S. House of Representatives' Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI). AHSG members who appeared as witnesses included former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff...

Advancing Country Ownership for Greater Results

January 12, 2012

MLI organized the roundtable to share its lessons learned in working with health ministries and to give global health and development leaders a platform to address this issue. The discussion delved deeply into the structural and political challenges involved in trying to advance country ownership, as well as what it will take operationally to move beyond the rhetoric of country ownership to action...

Means to an End: A Guide to Developing Teacher Evaluation Systems that Support Growth and Development

Rachel Curtis and Ross Wiener
January 6, 2012

Teacher evaluation has emerged as a key strategy for improving student outcomes in public education.

The rationale is compelling: teachers vary widely in their effectiveness, and evaluation systems need to identify and address this variation. In the last two years, most states have adopted new policies to make teacher evaluations more rigorous and meaningful, and the field is consumed with...

Publication: 2011 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence

College Excellence Program
December 12, 2011

For millions of Americans, community colleges provide an essential pathway to well-paying jobs and continuing higher education. The Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence honors those institutions that strive for and achieve exceptional levels of success for all students, while they are in college and after they graduate.

Building an Impact Economy in America

December 2, 2011

"Building an Impact Economy in America" provides a condensed summary of a June 2011 Summit on the impact economy convened by the White House and the Aspen Institute Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation's Impact Economy Initiative. The summit convened more than 150 leaders in the field -- investors, philanthropists, executives, and policymakers -- to discuss the emergence of the impact economy....

Policy Brief: Family Planning Promotes the Demographic Dividend

December 1, 2011

The demographic dividend is a powerful opportunity that occurs during the demographic shift from a population with high mortality and fertility rates to longer life expectancies and smaller family sizes. It offers the potential to boost economic growth and poverty reduction—but only if government leaders implement sound policies.