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The 2013 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence

March 20, 2013

For millions of Americans, community colleges provide an essential pathway to well-paying jobs and continuing higher education. The Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence honors those institutions that strive for and achieve exceptional levels of success for all students, while they are in college and after they graduate.

Road to Government 2.0: Technological Problems and Solutions for Transparency, Efficiency and Participation

Greg Ferenstein
March 14, 2013

The 2012 FOCAS convened 38 leaders and developers from government, media and communications enterprises, localities, consumer/user groups and academia to define the problems of open and innovative governance and develop solutions. Road to Government 2.0: Technological Problems and Solutions for Transparency, Efficiency and Participation, summarizes the insights, initiatives and recommendations...

Spectrum as a Resource for Enabling Innovation Policy

William Webb
March 12, 2013

The 2012 Aspen Institute Roundtable on Spectrum Policy (AIRS) convened shortly after the presidential election to consider ways that spectrum policy could improve the economy through innovation. The 32 leading communications policy experts in attendance focused on how spectrum policies could help create an environment that makes it easier to use spectrum as a resource for innovative new goods and...

Finding a New Way: Leveraging Teacher Leadership to Meet Unprecedented Demands

Rachel Curtis
March 4, 2013

School systems that provide their highest-performing teachers with leadership roles can elevate the profession and increase the impact of top talent. Pursuing teacher leadership allows schools systems to increase support for teachers and students, advance systemic improvement efforts, and improve the recruitment and retention of top performers. Developing teacher leadership systems requires us to...

Helping Adult Learners Navigate Community College and the Labor Market

Matt Helmer
February 28, 2013

This issue of Update looks at the challenges adult learners face as they attempt to enter community college, persist to completing a certificate or degree, and successfully transition to employment.  The reports shares detailed examples of these challenges including how some adult learners struggle with financial aid and registration processes, inadequate career counseling...

Rethinking Communications Regulation

Richard Adler
February 25, 2013

As the Internet and other information and communications technologies grow exponentially, and as a new ecosystem is emerging that could conflate previously distinct methods of communication into a single digital medium, questions arise as to whether the traditional silos of regulation are still appropriate. The...

Power-Curve Society: The Future of Innovation, Opportunity and Social Equity in the Emerging Networked Economy

David Bollier
February 11, 2013

This report examines how technological innovation is restructuring productivity and the social and economic impact resulting from these changes. It addresses the growing concern about the technological displacement of jobs, stagnant middle class income, and wealth disparities in an emerging "winner-take-all" economy. It also examines cutting-edge innovations in personal data ecosystems that could...

Building a Faculty Culture of Student Success

February 4, 2013

This guide describes how leading community colleges have created cultures in which faculty members consistently work to reform and improve their teaching in ways that measurably improve student learning. It provides a look at some innovative approaches, including the unusual tenure process at Valencia College  -...

Microenterprise Development as Job Creation

Elaine Edgcomb and Tamra Thetford, with Ilgar Alisultanov
February 1, 2013

This report, funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation as part of the “Big Ideas for Jobs” project, details the role that microbusinesses – firms that employ five of fewer workers – play in supporting jobs. Based on interviews with nearly 2000 microbusinesses that received assistance from community-based microenterprise development organizations, the report describes key findings including the numbers of...

Summary Report from the Aspen Consultation on Health, Food Security and Population in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Aspen Global Health and Development
February 1, 2013

In January 2013, the Summary Report from the Aspen Consultation on Health, Food Security and Population in the Post-2015 Development Agenda was submitted to each of the UN task teams charged with advising the Secretary General's High Level Panel on the issues of ...