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Social Security: The House that Roosevelt Built

Pamela Perun, Patricia Dilley
July 28, 2011

Critics of the Social Security program are fond of labeling the Social Security trust fund as a fiction, claiming that the program is bankrupt, or disparaging the program’s legal basis as ephemeral and subject to the whims of Congress.  This brief sets the record straight on Social Security.  This paper demonstrates that Social Security is not an income transfer program from the young to the old,...

Spectrum for the Next Generation of Wireless

Mark MacCarthy
July 14, 2011

Spectrum for the Next Generation of Wireless explores possible sources of spectrum, looking specifically at incentives or other measures to assure that spectrum finds its highest and best use. It includes a number of recommendations, both private and federal, of where and how spectrum can be repurposed for wireless use. In November 2010, the Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program...

Coordinating Impact Capital: A New Approach to Investing in Small and Growing Businesses

John Kohler, Thane Kreiner, Jessica Sawhney | Santa Clara University, Center for Science, Technology and Society;
July 1, 2011

This research document is a result of an ANDE-funded Capacity Development Fund grant.

Download the report.

The Doha Round: An Obituary

David Kleimann, Joe Guinan, and Petros C. Mavroidis (Scientific Coordinator)
June 30, 2011

An outline of the history, causes and consequences of a failed Doha Round of trade negotiations.

Policy from the Ground Up: Reshaping Transantlatic Trade, Development and Food Security Policies to Africa's Needs

Katrin A. Kuhlmann and Kathryn Ritterspach
June 23, 2011

Publication focusses on the intersections and inconsistencies between transantlantic food security, trade and aid policies leading to recommendations on how to foster success in these areas of policymaking.

Africa's Development Corridors as Pathways to Agricultural Development, Regional Economic Integration and Food Security in Africa

Joe Guinan, Susan Sechler and Katrin Kuhlmann
June 15, 2011

This publication sets a framework for combining policy and investment in an innovative approach to food security and agricultural development in Africa.

Global Launch: MLI's Call to Action for Country-Led Development

June 15, 2011

At the 2011 Global Health Council Conference, MLI offically launched the Call to Action for Country-Led Development. More about the call to action launch can be read in the publication.

Rewriting Broadband Regulation

David Bollier
June 10, 2011

Rewriting Broadband Regulation considers the domestic and international state of internet and broadband policies. The report reflects the issues and ideas raised by business leaders, academics, and policy experts at the Twenty-fifth Annual Aspen Institute Conference on Communications Policy. The report examines emerging threats to the internet and broadband and proposes refinements to existing...

Building Regional Markets: AGOA and the Economic Partnership Agreements

Katrin A. Kuhlmann and Mwangi S. Kimenyi
June 7, 2011

The publication looks at the intricacies of building regional markets with emphasis to AGOA and other economic partnership agreements.

Forging a New Partnership: The Story of Teacher Union and School District Collaboration in Pittsburgh

Sean D. Hamill
June 2, 2011

Forging a New Partnership: The Story of Teacher Union and School District Collaboration in Pittsburgh documents Pittsburgh's transformation from a typical, adversarial district-union dynamic to one of deep, substantive collaboration over the course of several years. This work has catapulted Pittsburgh to the vanguard of efforts to improve teacher effectiveness, and helped secure more than $80...