• Bauhaus 100th Anniversary

    The Aspen Institute joins over 20 arts and cultural nonprofits in the Roaring Fork Valley in an international celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus. The Bauhaus was a modernist art school established in Germany in 1919 that radically changed design and architecture creating the modern aesthetic. Over 50 events are planned over the course of an eight-month period spanning from January to August 2019. See here for a full listing of events.

    The Bauhaus Roots of Aspen
    January 31, 2019 • Marci Krivonen
    The Bauhaus Roots of Aspen.

    To launch the celebration, the Aspen Institute will be hosting a panel on January 9th addressing the questions Why Bauhaus? Why Aspen? Why 2019? Featuring Aspen Art Museum co-founder and former assistant to Herbert Bayer Dick Carter, landscape architect Ann Mullins and architect Harry Teague in conversation with moderator Steven Wickes. This lively panel discussion will examine the impact this iconic art school had on the world of design and will illuminate the mysteries of how Aspen benefited. Full event details can be found here.

    Kickoff Event
    Bauhaus 100: Aspen – Why Bauhaus? Why Aspen? Why 2019?
    January 9, 2019 •
    Listen to audio from the kickoff event.

    The Aspen Institute is honored to be part of this valley-wide collaboration. Herbert Bayer, a Bauhaus student and, later, master teacher, has strongly influenced the design of our Aspen, CO campus. He was a prolific and varied artist and architect who had his hand in everything from the architecture of our buildings to the Anaconda sculpture to the Sgraffito Wall.


    Notably, he designed one of the first earthworks ever made, the Grass Mound which is an integral part of our campus. Currently, the Resnick Art Gallery houses an exhibition of his artwork, Mountains and Convolutions, 1944-1953. The Paepcke Gallery is also showcasing his work with a collection of rarely seen photographs, Herbert Bayer Photographs, 1928-1934.

    For further reading on Bauhaus and its impact on Aspen, please go to www.bauhaus100aspen.org. To stay up to date on happenings and see beautiful Bauhaus imagery, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.