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2002 Six Degrees Class

March 14, 2013  • Henry Crown Fellows Newsletter

Bernie Sucher writes:  “One would not think to recommend living a commute between Moscow and Detroit, but I have to say, I’m loving it!  For your correspondent, the Russian side means family, the last remnants  of a Wall Street career, businesses old and new, and all the head-shaking wackiness that comes with this piece of our Planet.  Back in Detroit, would you believe it (?),  optimism and energy, exampled by admirable, indomitable characters tilting at uniquely American windmills.  I’m a kinda Motown Sancho, pitching in on a start-up fighting blight through digital mapping, another readying the country’s only  mass manufacturing of bicycles, and Venture for America, a grand design to bring talent to a place that’s been scaring brains away since the day I was born.  Thankfully, I sleep soundly when wheels up.  See you in July!”