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2010 Teen Socrates

July 5, 2010  • Institute Contributor

Kai Ryssdal Teen Socrates 2010What Next? The Teenager’s Guide to Repairing the Economy
Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers almost broke the global economy during the financial crisis of 2008. And the truth is that nobody really knows exactly how to put it back together again. How will today’s teenagers be affected by the recession and the financial crisis?

Our shared economic future rests in no small part on the lessons we all learn about the Great Recession and the global financial crisis of the past couple of years. Teenagers will have to live, learn and, if possible, thrive in a global economy that is being shaped. There are many important questions to be asked about today’s decisions that will have an impact on their future. In this seminar we will discuss the proper role of government in a market economy, American competitiveness with newly rising economic powers, and if it will be possible for today’s teens to find ways to be personally and economically fulfilled.
Moderated by: Kai Ryssdal, public radio host, Marketplace from American Public Media

The Teen Socrates Seminar was held in conjunction with the summer seminars on July 2-5 in Aspen, CO. Click here to learn more about the Teen Socrates seminars.

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