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2011 21 Lassos Class

March 14, 2013  • Henry Crown Fellows Newsletter

In her final press conference on Jan. 31, 2013, Hillary Clinton announced the Alliance for Affordable Internet, a new initiative being run by 2011 Fellow Ann Mei Chang.  Clinton noted that the initiative will, “expand access to the internet in developing countries where only 25 percent on average of the population are online,” and will “help the next billion people come online.”  Click here to read the article in Businessweek, and here to watch the coverage on MSNBC Morning Joe

In November 2012, the Financial Times named the Global Fund for Children (GFC) its 2012 Seasonal Appeal charity partner, promoting GFC’s work in print and online throughout December to raise money and increase awareness for the organization.  The GFC was founded and run by 2011 Fellow Maya Ajmera from inception until 2011, and she continues to serve on their board of trustees.  GFC finds and invests in grassroots organizations that make sure the most disadvantaged children in their communities are safe, healthy and educated.  To date, they have invested over $26 million in 500 grassroots groups in 78 countries.   To launch the campaign, they had several donors (including the Crown Family Charities) who put forth a $2.3 million match enabling them to double the impact of any contributions made through the seasonal appeal.  Read more here.

Congrats also to Maya Ajmera and her husband David Hollander who welcomed daughter Talia Hutzler Ajmera Hollander on February 1st.

Alex Wilcox writes:  “Had a nice time in South Africa with Beth, Suzanne and Michael. Great group for the international session, and really enjoyed Stace [Lindsay]’s moderating. Business is good and January a record month at JetSuite, hopefully a sign of economic renewal overall.”

Allan Golston reports:  “My big update is that I just came back in mid-January from about a month in India.  I did my Globalization Seminar in India and decided to add a couple a weeks on holiday.  Stephen joined me (which was great to have all that time together), and we had a chance to spend time in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai, a Panjim (Goa), and Bekal , Kerala.  It was an incredible experience – a true privilege to get a glimpse into a relatively young democracy with over 1 billion people.  While India certainly has its challenges with poverty, governance, etc., I was most struck by the feel of growth and optimism and the incredible hospitality of the people.   It was an amazing few weeks, and it was the perfect set up to the Globalization Seminar, which was in Bekal, Kerala.  The seminar was outstanding.   The other fellows were amazing.  The content and relevancy of the readings and discussions were powerful, and the facilitation (a huge shout out to Keith [Berwick], [Catto Fellow] Maria [Blair], and [India Leadership Initiative Fellow] Govindraj [Ethiraj] was excellent.   I left the experience with a lot to absorb and think about, but also energized and ready to do even more to help be part of solutions to some of the big social and economic problems of our time.”

Amy Langer’s company Sálo announced on August 1, 2012 that it is embarking on a landmark initiative to become the first Blue Zones Certified Workplace in America. The initiative employs a systematic, environmental approach to workplace well-being that incorporates shifts in workplace policies, work and home environments and social networks to achieve a new level of corporate vitality. The Blue Zones strategy focuses on optimizing the life radius of employees instead of individual behavior change.

And, as we go to press the 21 Lassos just wrapped a mini reunion at Joshua Greer’s home in Beverly Hills, CA.  Many thanks to Josh and his wife Lisa for hosting.