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WATCH: 9 Minutes on Boko Haram, Nigeria, and the Missing Girls

May 27, 2014

Today the Nigerian military announced that it has located the more than 200 female students who were abducted from their school in April. As the news continues to unfold about the kidnappings and Boko Haram, the group claiming responsibility for it, we spoke via Google Hangout with Nigerian author, physician, Washington Post contributor and Ventures Africa Editor-in-Chief Uzodinma Iweala about Boko Haram, the missing Nigerian students, and the pathway forward for Nigeria in a time of political turmoil.

While on the ground in Nigeria, Iweala describes why the group Boko Haram has targeted education in its attacks on children and explains the origins of the group. He also explains that despite the corruption and violence happening now, the country is still a developing democracy that he expects to triumph over its current problems.