A Memoir of Secrets Better Kept

October 18, 2019  • David K. Gibson

This week, Adrienne Brodeur’s memoir WILD GAME: My Mother, Her Lover, and Me was released to no shortage of rave reviews. It’s a rare bird — a book that walks the line between a literary examination of unusual family dynamics and a psychological thriller full of infidelity, manipulation, and complicity. Unsurprisingly, that’s a recipe for a ripping read.

The story begins at the moment Adrienne’s mother starts an affair with the best friend of her husband — and wakes up a teenage Adrienne to tell her about the kiss, instantly transforming her from a daughter into a confidante. From there, well, things get complicated. Hear Brodeur — who we know best as Executive Director of Aspen Words, a literary arts program of the Aspen Institute — read from her book in this interview with Erika Mallin, Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Arts Program.

The Michelle Smith Arts & Culture Series A Conversation with Adrienne Brodeur