Climate Change

A Sneak Peek from Institute Leaders at Aspen Ideas: Climate

March 2, 2023  • Aspen Ideas: Climate

There are millions of humans out there dedicated to slowing the damage to our environment, repairing what’s already been done, and finding new ways to help people and the planet flourish. These are the topics on deck at Aspen Ideas: Climate 2023, a multi-day conference centered on solutions to the defining issue of our age.

The event, hosted by the Aspen Institute in partnership with the City of Miami Beach, features excursions, breakout sessions, roundtables, and presentations from leaders across sectors. Because work across the Institute will be featured onstage, we’re previewing some of those people and topics. Register for Aspen Ideas: Climate here.

Finding the intersection of faith and climate

As climate change has become politicized, it’s also polarizing within religious communities. How can we change the minds of the faithful who are skeptical about climate change and work together? Simran Jeet Singh, Executive Director for the Institute’s Religion and Society Program, will moderate a mainstage panel discussion exploring how faith gives us limitless possibilities to shift perspectives and build consensus across religious and ideological divides.

Helping rural communities fight climate change

More often than not, rural communities find themselves stuck on the frontlines of climate change. Bonita Robertson-Hardy, Co-Executive Director of Community Strategies Group, will address “The Future of Rural Climate Action” in a roundtable session with Felecia L. Lucky of the Black Belt Community Foundation. They will discuss rural environmental justice, equitable economic development, and how to prepare for and respond to climate disasters from an equitable community prosperity approach.

What is ESG really?

The ESG investment framework has been criticized on both sides of the aisle—but are we missing the point of ESG? Judy Samuelson, Executive Director of the Business and Society Program, will discuss the concept of ESG and what it really entails, address its critiques, and offer guidance for individuals looking to meet their sustainable investing goals. She’ll be in conversation with panelists including Kenneth P. Pucker, who recently wrote on this topic for Harvard Business Review. Learn more about their session, “The ESG Debate: Does ESG Help People and the Planet?”

Future Leaders are here

The youth at the forefront of the climate action movement deserve a seat at the table; they’ll be dealing with the consequences of today’s decisions for a long time to come. Nikki DeVignes, director of the Future Leaders Climate Initiative, once again leads the Future Leaders’ Climate Summit, designed to give young leaders access to spaces and conversations that help bring diverse solutions to combat climate change.

This is Planet Ed

Schools can be a powerful tool for creating collective action against climate change—and they’re also some of the largest consumers of energy. Former US Secretary of Education and This is Planet Ed co-chair John B. King Jr. will join Institute President Dan Porterfield to discuss climate change opportunities for higher education. Senior fellow Laura Schifter also moderates a conversation with young leaders Naina Agrwal-Hardin, Maya Green, and Kiera O’Brien about their experiences in school where climate change was largely absent from the conversation despite the increasing impacts they were witnessing in their own communities.