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The Advocacy Index

April 18, 2014

Next APEP Breakfast on May 21st 

We’re excited to welcome Marialice Ariens from USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) and Oriana Wuerth from Chemonics to the Aspen Institute on May 21st for a morning conversation about their new “Advocacy Index”. They developed this tool to help OTI’s grantees in Lebanon identify areas of organizational need and assess their capacity-building progress over time. The Index covers five key competency areas deemed necessary to the implementation of an effective advocacy initiative. As usual, we’ll be starting at 8:15AM. Submit your RSVP here.

Hits in the Media

Rick Hess and Michael McShane, scholars at the American Enterprise Institute, recently published a brief study looking at the media’s coverage (or lack thereof) of the new Common Core State Standards. As we’ve done ourselves when analyzing the salience of certain issues in the media, Hess and McShane searched Lexis Nexis by pairing the term “Common Core” with several carefully-selected keywords. They make a darn good point about the media’s role in stimulating public discourse, especially in the case of a policy issue affecting millions of young Americans.

Checking in at the Social Media Desk

NPR is sharing their lessons learned about social media in, appropriately, a blog. Some of you digital fans out there might be hyperventilating right about now. We certainly tip our top hat to the NPR crew: there’s just so much cool information in this one spot, like this tool to visualize Twitter conversations, this presentation deck with NPR’s approach to digital analytics, and this set of tips on social storytelling. And yeah, you’re welcome.