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Advocacy or Direct Service? / Amnesty International Sing Along

September 17, 2010

We’re Hiring!
Spread the word! Our wonderful Project Associate has moved on in the world and we’re now in search of a new APEP team member to support our work. We are looking for someone who matches our quirkiness and passion for all (or most) things advocacy, planning, evaluation. Please see our online posting for more details.

Funding Advocacy or Direct Service?
We love this debate- it’s a good one and we always like to hear the latest perspectives. Recently, Philanthropy New York held a panel discussion to tackle these issues with funders who are striving to support the balance between advocacy and service delivery. TCC’s Ashley Blanchard reflects on her findings.

The Price of Silence
Sometimes gathering sixteen musicians from around the globe to sing a song together is a fantastic advocacy strategy. Amnesty International USA did exactly that in their 2008 musical plea for guaranteed human rights for all. And as always, a good campaign comes with a slew of opportunities for viewers to engage, even two years later.