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Anna Deavere Smith on The Huffington Post

July 9, 2012  • ADS Works

Priscilla Dewey Hougton Grace, Love, Courage: On Art, Artists and Patronage by Anna Deavere Smith

This past weekend, we memorialized Priscilla Dewey Houghton at her funeral in a packed Boston church. If the “Dewey” name rings a bell: yes, there is a relation to Dewey, as in the Dewey Decimal system. If the “Houghton” part of her name rings a bell: she was the wife of Congressman Amory (Amo) Houghton Jr. of Corning, New York. The Houghton and Dewey names have long been associated with support of education, the art, and other arenas of civic well-being.

Priscilla was a true patron of artists. Not just a patron of “the” arts, but of artists. There is a difference.  Read the full article at Huffington Post.