So What?

APEP’s Katrina commemorative

August 28, 2015  • David Devlin-Foltz

“So What?” – Your Weekly Guide to Advocacy With Impact 


Lovingly selected and lightly snarked by Team APEP: David Devlin-Foltz, Susanna Dilliplane, and Christine Ferris


Unhappy Anniversary                                    

The week’s proliferation of Hurricane Katrina 10th anniversary stories includes some that catch APEP’s eye: over at the Nonprofit Quarterly, NPQ highlights the dueling websites of Katrina10 and KatrinaTruth.  Katrina Truth advocates a much more critical take on where New Orleans is today. Check out the use of similar design to convey very different facts and interpretations and tell a very different story. Social Media for Good speculates about how social media might have changed the Katrina story – for the good.


Measuring Media Measurement

Whether you like your media social, digital, or broadcast, evaluators (including your APEP pals) are trying to measure its reach and impact. Stanford Social Innovation Review offers this very thoughtful overview of the state of the media measurement field and this concern: “The increasing focus on measurable impact may become an excuse to decide that only some kinds of coverage are worth supporting.”


Still Walking

Some of you lucky readers might have been vacationing last week. Fine. We grumble, but we carry on nobly and offer you this second opportunity to help us walk the participatory walk. We invite you to give us feedback on So What? and help us evaluate  whether our weekly is helpful, interesting, and relevant to our readers – and how to make it better.


What topics or types of information catch your eye? What would you like more of? Less of?


Please tell us what you think. Please send your answer to: We’ll be featuring some of your comments in this very space.



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