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APEP Team Expands a Whopping 100%

July 13, 2012

APEP’s Brand New–and Super Duper–Deputy Director
We’re proud to announce that our mighty APEP team has recently doubled in size. That’s right, folks: a full 100%. (and you thought we only did qualitative measures). One of these newbies is deputy director Richard A. Tagle (pronounced Tag-lay, if you’re wondering), who comes to us after a successful stint as CEO of Higher Achievement. Richard has significant experience in nonprofit management consulting and education policy advocacy, as well as a particular expertise in the elusive art of not cooking.
Our Trusty Intern in the Frontlines of Advocacy Evaluation
The second addition to the team is Angbeen Saleem, a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where she majored in Urban Studies. (As a fellow Penn alum, this is where I say: woo hoo!) APEP is taking on a number of projects evaluating “media partnerships,” and Angbeen’s past work in communications–especially radio–is really relevant. She also meets our rigid APEP standard for quirky humor.

And One Last Note…on Family Planning
John May at the Center for Global Development proclaimed this week that “family planning is back.” But we don’t think it had gone away in the first place; in fact, many of you have worked tirelessly over the years on this issue, braving budget setbacks and toxic rhetoric from opponents. May points to the “golden moment:”   Wednesday’s family planning conference in London, as a potential game-changer. But it’s all about implementation.  As our friends at Population Action International say, “the real work happens after we leave London.” Amen!