So What?

APEP Webinar on May 3rd… Check it Out!

April 27, 2012

Creating and Measuring Interim Policy Objectives
The APEP team will be doing a webinar for Independent Sector on May 3rd at 2PM EST on defining and tracking meaningful benchmarks for progress on policy change. We will show how our Advocacy Progress Planner can help funders, advocates and other stakeholders plan and evaluate better. The advocacy evaluation field is developing rapidly, and the Planner is one way to help folks answer the “so what?” question. This webinar is free for Independent Sector member organizations (and $60 for non-members), so register today!

Let’s Share
A big high-five goes to the Atlantic Philanthropies for actively spreading the word about lessons learned from its grantmaking. The foundation recently commissioned a report to highlight its efforts on public health and primary health care in Vietnam—along with a series of videos to show the work in action. Funders and advocates, especially funders, can pay it forward for all of us by sharing what they learn, warts and all.

Facebook Advocacy
Advocates, how do you know you’re having an “impact” via Facebook? Tough question, isn’t it? The “Like” and “Share” functions can only offer very limited information about people’s engagement with your issues, and depending on how you’re defining “impact” it may not be enough. Soon, Facebook will roll out a program called “Action Measurement for Ads” to provide more insight into user behavior online. Yup, it’s a tool designed specifically for marketers; but advocates can learn from it as well.