Apply to Be a Social Media Ambassador at the 2018 State of Race Symposium

April 27, 2018  • Shireen Mathews

The Aspen Institute is looking for social media ambassadors to attend the Symposium on the State of Race in America in Washington, DC on May 24, 2018.

We need honest, meaningful dialogue about race to move forward as a nation. The State of Race Symposium will explore new attitudes, opportunities, and obstacles for and about people of color in 21st century America. As a social media ambassador, you will share opinions, observations, and exclusive previews with your social audience using the hashtag #stateofrace. You will get free entrance, priority seating, and opportunities for behind-the-scenes access to engage with speakers and attendees.

The State of Race Symposium will feature panels on hate speech and the First Amendment and on the intersection of voting and racial identity. Being a social media ambassador is a great opportunity to share the key themes of the day with a larger audience and move the dialogue forward.

You can apply now to be a social media ambassador by filling out the form below. Applications must be in by 9:00 AM ET on Monday, May 7th to be considered. Following the Aspen Institute on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is not required but highly recommended. If selected you will be notified on the evening of May 9th with further details. Please note that we are unable to accommodate ambassador travel or lodging.

Fill out this online form.

For more information, check out highlights from previous State of Race Symposiums, and learn more about the Communications and Society Program’s State of Race Symposium. For updates on the Symposium, follow the Communications and Society Program on Twitter and Facebook. Questions? Email Shireen at