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On The Art of Shaping Perception and Other Tidbits…

September 28, 2012

Education Nation
APEP got the chance to witness television magic this week at the Education Nation Summit thanks to our work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and NBC News. We’re helping to define and assess the impact of this week’s summit and related digital resources – including 10 toolkits offering background and tips to help schools and school districts adapt the “case studies” presented during the summit and featured on various NBC News broadcasts this week.  One evaluation challenge: how will audiences use the toolkits?  Will they adopt these solutions and practices?

Election Day
Politics is always a hot topic around this time of year so why not use it as an opportunity to increase visibility of your organization? One of the non-profits we’ve worked with, Moving Forward Gulf Coast outside of New Orleans, is doing just that. In addition to participating in the usual election year activities such as registering voters, they are also tying their efforts to their overall advocacy goal by teaching the public about the past and present of voter redistricting and suppression. Moving Forward Gulf Coast is part of the 2025 Black Men and Boys Network and empowers those affected by Hurricane Katrina through information dissemination, reaching out to key decision-makers and new media

The Ad Men Before “Mad Men”
Did you know the original ad men were actually political consultants? The New Yorker recently published an article detailing the history of Campaigns, Inc., a political consulting firm that started in the 1930s and whose maneuvering strategies are still used today. Among their most successful campaigns is one against a national health insurance policy. They ran it many times against different people, including Harry Truman, using slogans such as “socialized medicine” to discredit the effort—sound familiar?