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Ascend’s VisionXChange Reimagines Family and Community Prosperity

July 28, 2023  • Ascend at the Aspen Institute

This summer, Aspen VisionXChange brings together visionary leaders to talk about reinventing systems of care, unlocking capital for economic inclusion, transforming approaches to mental and maternal health, reforming our justice system, and more. The first of its kind free public program takes place both on the Aspen Meadows campus in Colorado and via a free live stream.

VisionXChange is hosted by Ascend at the Aspen Institute, a catalyst and convener building intergenerational family prosperity and well-being by focusing together on children and the adults in their lives. Ascend’s Fellowship and network of community organizations bring together hundreds of innovative and diverse leaders across the country who disrupt the status quo and co-create solutions. Driven by the core belief that leadership lies in all communities, Ascend reaches over 12 million families annually, particularly those most impacted by systemic inequities. 

The event is led by the work of Ascend Fellows, all of whom are doing innovative work to improve outcomes in their respective focus areas. Learn more from leaders around the country who are disrupting systems to reclaim ways for children to thrive, families to feel a deep sense of connection with each other and their communities, and all to have opportunities to prosper and be well..

Day One: Building Well-Being for Children and Families

How can we democratize wellness, connection, and community? 

Hear from speakers like Laura Huerta Migus, who is leveraging the power of children’s museums and Deana Around Him, who is leveraging her lived experience as a parent and Cherokee Nation citizen in her research on Indigenous family health and community supports. 

Day Two: Prioritizing Joy and Human Thriving

How can we reclaim ways for children and families to experience joy, empowerment, and economic equity?

Hear from speakers like Joseph Jones, who is addressing generational poverty of urban communities and Andrea Levere, who is working to transform how nonprofits are funded, so they can dramatically expand how they serve families. 

How To Watch

VisionXChange’s opening session will be available online via livestream on Sunday, July 30, as will the afternoon programming on July 31 and August 1.  

Session topics include:

  • Mental health
  • Civic imagination to bridge divides
  • Integrating indigenous wisdom
  • Fostering joy, love, and connection in families and communities
  • Recentering joy in the Black birthing experience
  • Reducing economic disparity to improve well-being